Merry Christmas and Welcome To Winter

Oklahoma is receiving its first big ice storm of the winter.  Saturday, December 8, 2007 brought in dropping temperatures.  By evening we has received freezing rain.  Freezing rain?  It looked more like ice pellets.  This soon passed leaving the ground looking like it was covered in snow.  Looking at the radar, it appeared to have moved passed us.  But remember, this is Oklahoma and you never know what will happen.  By late evening, we were again receiving heavy rain and sleet.

Sunday morning broke with rain, sleet, thunder and lightning.  With a temperature of 27 and a wind chill of 21, we were a sheet of ice.  Pictures were shown on TV of trees bending to the ground ladened with ice.  Power outages affected 7,000 homes or business establishments.  As the day progressed we received more rain, freezing rain and sleet.  We are now up to 28,000 without power and we are being advised to prepare for more outages.  A large line is to our Southwest and continues to move across Central Oklahoma.

It may be a very cold night for many!   Stay safe and warm.

Happy Holidays


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