Are We in a Deep Freeze?

Is the cold going to end?  At 6:45 AM we are at 19 degrees with a wind chill of zero.  With wind speeds of  30 mph from the North,  it will cut you like a knife. 

The police department has been kept busy with traffic accidents all night.  The streets are slick and hazardous and have been compared to a skating rink.  One officer commented on the scanner this morning “Is it training day out here”? 

One such accident involved a police car.  While the driver was trying to avoid hitting the officer, he skidded and hit the officers car on the passengers side.  The officer was slightly injured.  Many accident are scattered across the Oklahoma City area and driving is not expected to get much better as we will not get above freezing. 

That pretty well sums up our weather and the type of accidents that have occurred.   If you must venture out, dress in layers and leave early.  Keep a safe distance from the other driver and give yourself plenty of room for stopping.  As they said, it’s not the driving that is causing the accidents—it’s the stopping.

Stay safe! 


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