Another Cold Front is Coming

Oklahoma has been on a roller coaster ride with the weather.   Recently we were in the upper 60’s only to drop 30 degrees within an hour.  The air was very brisk especially with the high winds.  We received rain, freezing rain, thunder, lightning  and hail.  There was also snow in the Northern parts of Oklahoma with tornadoes in the Southwest part of the state.

Tomorrow will be another temperature dropping day.  We enjoyed mild weather in the 60’s today.  Our high temperature for tomorrow will be met around midnight tonight.  By 8 AM we can expect 36 degrees and a wind chill of 24 with temperatures falling throughout the day.  The forecast indicates 32 degrees by 5 PM tomorrow.  With the arctic front, we will again receive freezing drizzle.

Stay tuned for Oklahoma’s ever changing weather.


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