Arctic Fronts Are Giving Us A Break

One of our storm spotters, Greg Whitworth is also our “radio man” while storm spotting.  He does a fantastic job of updating us on radar reports via our county radios.  He is also a forecaster for Fox 25 TV,  This is his latest post regarding our upcoming weather.  This post is used with his permission.

We seem to be looking at a dry 7 day forecast with a few fronts heading
through the area.  The system that moved through the area on Sunday is
centered in northwest OK at 8 pm.  Very little wrap around rain is
expect.  Skies should begin to clear as it moves eastward early on
Sunday.  After a period of sunshine, clouds will roll in from the west
late in the day ahead of the next system.  Winds will start out
northerly then go calm to light southerly.  Highs will be as warm as 60
in OKC, with temps approaching 70 in southwest Oklahoma.  Lower 50s are
expected across much of northeast OK.

Fire danger increases on Monday ahead of the approaching storm system.
It will be quite windy with highs in the mid 60s in many areas.  This
front is of Pacific origin and does not have much cold air associated
with it.  It looks quite impressive on satellite and radar and should
give the mountains of California 3 to 5 feet of snow.  However, the
storm system which just passed us will rob some of the moisture and it
should cross western and central OK dry.  It is coming in early which is
unfavorable for thunderstorms.  Once the system reaches southeast OK and
central Arkansas, thunderstorms may erupt along it.

Winds will be out of the north on Tuesday with highs in the 40s.  Winds
go light and variable Wednesday morning when lows fall into the 20s.
Mostly sunny skies are expected Tuesday and Wednesday with another weak
front arriving around 3 pm Wednesday.  This one has no cold air behind
it, and winds should return to the south with a vengeance by Thursday
evening.  Fire danger will be high Thursday and Friday.  A weak front
arrives just after midnight going into Friday, and will turn winds to
the north.  However once again there is no cold air associated with it,
and the upper wave with it appears to be sheered out so I will leave
Friday dry and breezy.  The 540 thickness line is seen moving eastward
away from the Rocky mountains on Thursday and Friday.  This signals
strong downsloping taking place off the Rockies which may drive
temperatures above current forecasted numbers.

Skies should clear out on Saturday with highs back into the lower 60s.
Sunday looks to be clouding up with a cold front arriving around 3 p.m.
This one has a strong 1040+ mb high up in southern Canada, driving cold
air down the lee of the Rockies.  The 540 thickness line takes a nose
dive south as well, and may be embedded somewhere in the precipitation
by Sunday evening.  This will have to be watched closely as there could
be a changeover to snow or some other form of mixed precip by Sunday
evening in western and central OK.  I have lowered temperatures
dramatically below available guidance for Monday as a result of the way
this system looks.  Keep in mind the GFS has been pulling some
flip-flops lately and I wouldn’t put a lot of faith the day 8-9 forecast
just yet.

graphics available at

Day 8-9 forecast:

next Sunday 44/57, Mostly cloudy, 30%
following Monday 30/35, Overcast.


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2 Responses to “Arctic Fronts Are Giving Us A Break”

  1. Multivortex Says:

    Greg is no longer with KOKH Fox 25 in Oklahoma City. The station does not know where he went.

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