New Mesonet Site in Oklahoma

March 16, 2008     March 16, 2008     March 16, 2008     March 16, 2008

The OCS/Mesonet Ticker: You’ll love our atmosphere.

A CARL Is Born

 Our world has been graced by a number of great Carls. Where would our
 understanding of the mind and Self be without the tension of Carl Jung?
 And surely Carl Jung could appreciate the ironic duality of the great
 Carl Sagan’s simultaneous enthusiasm for exploration and introspection.
 Speaking of introspection, Sandburg turned the literary lens upon our
 own country in a way that has informed generations. Carl Rogers’s
 humanism has informed scores of developments in the last 75 years.

 And, of course, no weather-blog about Carls would be complete without
 a nod to the oh-so-Tickerly-named Carl Weathers, whose gripping
 portrayal of Apollo Creed inspired, uh, somebody.

 Well, today, we announce a new entry to this list of great Carls.
 Behold CARL, the newest Mesonet site at Lake Carl Blackwell. This
 week, CARL graduated from the Mesonet spare parts pile to a bona fide
 operational station. Here are CARL’s vital statistics:

   Site:  CARL (Lake Carl Blackwell)
   Locus: 5.0 miles east of Orlando, OK in Payne County
   Lat:   36.1473 deg N
   Lon:   97.2859 deg W
   Elev:  293 meters above sea level

 We expect CARL to live up to the world’s long line of successful
 Carls. So, if you don’t mind, we want to take this opportunity to
 speak directly to CARL.

 (aside to Ticker Effects Crew: cue something dramatic, like Pomp and
  Circumstance or Wake Up the Echoes. Start faintly, then build for
  effect as our message grows more dramatic.)

   CARL, you’re in the real world now, there are -wait, just a second-

 (guys, I said cue some dramatic music)

   Sorry about that. Where were we?

   CARL, you are observing the real world now, there are no do-overs
   like back in the calibration lab. Everything you say counts now,
   unless the QA meteorologists figure out you’re lying. You alone are
   the voice of western Payne County. Well, actually, MARE has been the
   voice of western Payne County for 14 years now, but you can be a
   great helper. Don’t end up like GRAN or TULL or your anagrammatic
   kindred CLAR (although some would argue that CLAR’s failures were
   the result of a bad environment). Follow the lead of noble, reliable
   stations like LAHO, HOBA and TALI.

   Keep your soil probes planted firmly in the ground and always stand
   straight and tall, but no taller than precisely ten meters, or you
   will be out of compliance. And stay true to the atmosphere, at least
   within an acceptable and pre-determined margin of error.

   This opportunity is yours, CARL. Yours to change the world, one
   five-minute observation at a time. Think of all the drylines and
   pre-frontal troughs you’ll resolve, CARL! Think of all the micro-,
   macro-, and heat-bursts you’ll discover! Oh, the places your data
   will go, CARL!

 (crescendo, daggoneit, CRESCENDO!)

   Report the world, CARL! Count every drop, degree-day and dewpoint

   May the wind always blow directly in your face, CARL, and may the
   sun shine brightly into your single, laterally-mounted, aluminum-
   shielded photo-voltaic eye. Because if either of these were untrue,
   you’d be doing a pretty lousy job of reporting wind direction, or
   a bird will have defiled your pyranometer, respectively.

 Carpe Auster, CARL.

March 16 in Oklahoma History:
  Record Maximum  94 F at WEATHERFORD (1916)
  Record Minimum   4 F at BOISE CITY 2 E (1923)
  Record Precip 3.44″ at BURBANK (1998)
 +Record Snowfall 13.00″ at BLACKWELL 1 W (1970)
(Oklahoma History = since roughly 1895)
+ – May include hail or other forms of frozen precipitation

March 16 in Mesonet History*:
 Record Maximum       84 F at BEAV in 2003
 Record Minimum       11 F at BOIS in 2005
 Record Rainfall   3.01″ at CALV in 1998
* – Mesonet History = since 1994

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As reported by Greg Whitworth-used with permission


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