Tornadoes Overhead

Entry for May 07, 2008

Today’s weather caught me off guard. Although I am a storm spotter and watch the weather closely, it can change quickly. We were receiving heavy rain periodically and more was heading our way. We were not yet in a tornado watch or warning but did have a flood watch.

My husband and I had made a run to the store to pick up a new monitor. Our storm chase partner had remained at our house. Heavy rains began again around 5 PM and suddenly the tornado sirens could be heard. What a time to be shopping with no radar or news contact!

The storm subsided and we returned home to find the tornado crossed above our house. Our chase partner was able to observe the rotation above him and feel the pressure. The tornado was rain-wrapped and was “skipping”. He also observed the funnel touch down after it passed over the lake next to us.

Others were not as fortunate. Although there were no injuries reported, many houses and trees were damaged as several small tornadoes developed. One massive tree fell on a gas meter causing the area to be evacuated. In another area, a large tree was uprooted and fell onto the balcony of an apartment. Power lines were down in different areas leaving approximately 13,000 customers with no power. Reports are still coming in on the damage.

Welcome to tornado alley!


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One Response to “Tornadoes Overhead”

  1. wxman Says:

    That was a great story..Good thing you guys are safe..It’s just that such tornado activity is really destructive..

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