Personal Observations and Funny Story

I was up rather late. Previous to the storm, I was surfing traffic exchanges and suddenly got a bad headache.  At the time, I thought that’s strange, it wasn’t there a minute ago.  Then my legs started aching.  My headache was getting worse.   I hear thunder and begin seeing a great lightning show.  That explains the headache. 

Now here is the funny part.  I decide to stand inside the storm door, video taping the lightning with one hand and holding the door open with the other as the lightning was at a distance.  There was some good CG.  Suddenly, I caught a glimpse of movement coming towards me.  My biggest fear, the fuzzy black spider or any other spider to be exact, is swinging his web right towards my face.   I closed the door quickly, trapping him inside.  Grabbing a tennis shoe, I attempted to chase him down.  After hitting him a couple times, he dropped to the floor either on my black throw rug, escaped through a small crack at the bottom of the door or is in the house lurking around.  Needless to say, that ended my video of the storm. 

The outflow boundary also hit at that point. Previous to the rain, my husband retrieved the lawn chair from the deck and the outside welcome mat took cover beside the deck.  Shortly thereafter, the high winds and heavy rain hit.  The wind was whipping the rain in all directions.  The smoker took flight and landed in 3 different areas of my front lawn.  The storm moved rapidly out of my area and things began to settle down. I continued to post in the aboutmidwestweather blog as it moved on through the city and points beyond.  Bedtime finally arrived at approximately 4:30 AM. 

We are under a slight risk of severe storms again today.  It begins again!


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